Tibet Matters: Celebrating 60 years working with Tibetans

Photo: Tibetan refugees arriving in India

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising on 10 March 1959. Soon after this, the Dalai Lama escaped from occupied Tibet, followed by the first major wave of refugees. Since then Tibetans have lived under Chinese occupation, or have had to flee to India and Nepal and settle in exile.

Within three months of the Dalai Lama’s escape, Tibet Relief Fund was established to bring practical relief to Tibetan refugees. For the last 60 years we have worked with Tibetans around the world to meet their vital needs while empowering individuals and communities to become self-sufficient. This has only been made possible by you, our dedicated and generous supporters.

As the Tibetan exile community and Tibet Relief Fund enter their 60th year, whilst our work remains as vital as ever, it is essential we evolve with the changing political landscape and shifting needs of the Tibetans we work with.

With the future of Tibetans in exile and in Tibet uncertain, our focus must be to promote self-sufficiency by giving Tibetans the skills and foundations upon which they can flourish.

We are really excited to be launching our charity’s new mission and vision! We know they will inspire us and you, our tireless supporters, for as long as we are needed.

Our mission:

Tibet Relief Fund works to empower Tibetans to build sustainable communities and better futures through education and innovative practical grassroots initiatives.

Our vision:

A world where Tibetans can live and work with equality and security and celebrate their rich culture and traditions.

Stay informed!

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