Tibet Matters: You are building homes for the vulnerable!

Eight vulnerable families in Bakhang are to get new homes.

Of the 52 families in the village, only two have been able to rebuild after the 2015 earthquakes. The rest have been living in temporary shelters made of tarpaulin and tin. Amongst them are the elderly, disabled and single parents.

Without your support they face living in make-shift homes for years to come. In such a remote and mountainous area this poses a real threat to life as well as people’s health, security and futures.

We have committed to help eight of the most vulnerable families by helping them build new homes. The houses will be built using the same earth brick technology used to rebuild the village school and will last for at least 50 years.

Working together

With the brick-making and construction training still fresh in their minds, villagers will work together to build homes for their less able neighbours. Build Up Nepal will once again be on hand to supervise the build and help with any additional training needed.

stone salvaged from the rubble and others

They have held a community meeting to identify the most disadvantaged people in the village and allocate support accordingly.

Work is already underway on the foundations so keep an eye out in future Tibet Matters to see how the work is progressing.

Stay informed!

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