Tibet Matters Annual Review: Youth Empowerment & Employment – £65,906

Grant amount: £65,906

Our Empowering the Vision project in Delhi goes from strength to strength. Every year it helps more and more young Tibetans learn valuable employment and social skills, gain specialised training, successfully apply to universities and build fulfilling careers.

A recent mini-workshop on life skills at the Maitreya Orphanage in Delhi helped teenagers get a better understanding of employment and university application skills…

“I believe I now have a basic understanding of what a resume and cover letter entails and also feel like I was more expressive because of the communication activities we engaged in today” – Gyalpo (university student from Maitreya Orphanage)

In the last year Empowering the Vision has empowered more than 600 young Tibetans through:

  • providing a careers service for those seeking work and help with applying for jobs
  • offering fellowship grants to help young Tibetans gain specific skills for their chosen careers
  • creating a network of Tibetan professionals to share advice, skills and mentoring
  • a ‘Building Bridges’ initiative to foster better understanding and respect between young Tibetans and their Indian contemporaries

Find out more about all the amazing work this project does by visiting: http://www.empoweringvision.org



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