Tibet Matters Annual Review: So-fa So Good – Comfort For Tibetan Elders – £2,407

“I feel so privileged. The sofa makes me feel like belonging to a royal lineage. Thank you so much. I will always remember the blessings in our prayers.” – Granny Sangyal Chodon

Grant Amount: £2,407

In Rajpur, Tibetan Homes Foundation provides a home for 56 elders in a specially designed building completed around ten years ago. Every resident has their own room, with couples having larger rooms and there is an open plan complex on the lower floor which is used for prayer, meals, chatting and watching TV.

In May 2017 we visited the home on a field trip and learnt the elders had to use the hard wooden benches from the dining area if they wanted to sit down and chat or watch the somewhat elderly TV. Not ideal for those who already suffer from bad health and back issues!

Outside work was being done on making a lovely prayer wheel kora for the elders, along with benches around the trees and stupas to light incense. So we thought we would help make changes inside!

Our grant enabled Tibetan Homes Foundation to buy new furniture to make a comfortable, welcoming space for the elders to enjoy. They also managed to buy a new flat screen TV so the residents can enjoy watching the Dalai Lama’s teachings and documentaries about Tibet.

It has been a privilege to help Tibetans, “in the evening of their life”, as the new General Secretary, Karma Chungdak, describes the residents of the Old Peoples’ Home.

See more here: https://tibetrelieffund.co.uk/donations-bring-comfort-elderly/

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