Tibet Matters Annual Review: Nearly Nurses – £3,750

Grant amount: £3,750

We have been supporting two young nurses, Pema and Kalsang (both from Nepal), through their nursing studies. They are now about to complete their final year and are thinking about their futures…

Pema said, “It is quite overwhelming and exciting to know that now we are left with only couple of months to complete our course. Kalsang wants to work for at least two years as a staff nurse to gain clinical experience and then go for Master studies in midwifery specialty since she is interested in this subject.

As for me, I am also planning to work as a staff nurse and then opt for Master degree. I finally chose to do public health nursing so I can contribute to all the fields of nursing in the community setting. It has always been my dream to work in World Health Organization (WHO), conduct research and travel around the world to help people as their health care provider.”

We are sure Pema and Kalsang will make great nurses and be assets to their community. We will be sure to keep you updated on where they go from here.

Stay informed!

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