Tibet Matters Annual Review: Bakhang’s new health post

Thanks to your tireless support of this remote community in Nepal, they have a school, houses for the families most in need, and now a brand new health post.

450 residents have already received vital treatment.

Penpa says:

Bakhang is not very far from Kathmandu, maybe six or seven hours’ drive, but it is almost impossible to access during the monsoon time because there is only one road which gets washed away. This means during any health emergency it is difficult for villagers to get help, especially for seniors. People have to go on foot and keep getting referred on, with little food and money, eventually they reach a city and have suffered a lot and spent all their money, and no telecommunication so can’t borrow money.

Now all the people of Bakhang can get services from the health post. The right treatment at the right time will definitely help and save their life. I can’t express in English how the local people enjoy the beautiful comfortable health post.

Stay informed!

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