Tibet Matters 2020: Caring for elders at Lodrik

Your support has allowed us to continue our work with Lodrik Welfare Fund.

Based in Pokhara, Nepal, they address issues highlighted by the local exile community. In the last year our education, skills training and healthcare projects helped more than 2,000 people.

The emergency medical fund is a vital safety net for many vulnerable members of the community. This year you helped 41 people with a range of health problems including Mrs. Pema, a widower from Paljoring settlement. Thanks to the medical fund she had eye surgery and can now see much better and take care of her aging mother.

Mrs Pema

Emergency lockdown appeal

In response to Covid-19 the Nepal government announced a nationwide lockdown on 24 March. At the time of going to print this has not yet been lifted. The lockdown has disproportionately impacted many Lodrik residents, whose income depends on tourism. Your swift and generous response to our emergency appeal provided immediate food relief to those affected by the prolonged lockdown. Thank you!

By the first week of June, Lodrik had distributed food parcels to over 700 residents in the three settlements. Everyone received 5 kg of both rice and atta (flour), 1 kg of both red and black dal (lentils), 0.5 kg of salt, 1 kg of sugar, 1 litre of cooking oil and 250 grams of tea.

Thanks to your incredible support the community hasn’t had to worry about where their next meal is going to come from during this unprecedented global emergency. Tsering Dolma from Jampaling settlement tells us what the food parcel has meant to her:

The emergency food supplies have been a great relief to so many of us here during this lockdown. Moreover knowing that we are not alone in this has had a positive effect on my physical and psychological health during this pandemic

Tsering Dolma

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