Tibet Matters 2020: Care and comfort for Tibetan elders

The older generations of the exile community in India and Nepal often lack the traditional family support once common in Tibet. This means a lot of elders, many first generation refugees, find themselves without the care they need in their later years.

With your support, we have been able to provide stipends to over 180 Tibetan elders in the last year alone! At Tibetan Homes Foundation in Rajpur and Mussoorie you also helped fund refurbishment projects so the elders can live more comfortably.

At Clement Town and Dekyiling settlements, you have provided vital support to retired and vulnerable handicraft workers like Mrs Phuntsok Dolma:

“After the death of my husband I was under full pressure for my survival and now with… support I am mentally relieved and thank you for the stipend for meeting my daily needs.”

Water for Nangchen

Nangchen Old People’s Home in Kathmandu has been looking after elderly Tibetan refugees since 1968. There is an ongoing issue with access to clean water in Kathmandu and the residents can’t rely on public services to provide it.

The well for the home recently dried up and there are no other water sources easily available.

Your donations are funding deliveries of water to the home, ensuring the elders and staff have safe drinking water throughout summer. We have also established an emergency medical fund and employed a cook/helper, giving the elders peace of mind and the care they need.

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