Tibet Relief Fund annual review: Tsagam & Bagang (Bakhang) schools – from despair to hope

Grant: £1,800

Tibet Relief Fund has continued to support two Tibetan teachers at the remote schools of Tsagam and Bagang in Nepal, ensuring the children there can learn about their own culture and language. This year we sent a further £1,800 for the teachers’ salaries.

Post-earthquake update

After the devastating earthquakes of April and May 2015, initial reports suggested the area had not been too badly affected. However, as more information gradually trickled through, we learned that both schools (as well as the Bagang nunnery) were badly damaged and in need of complete rebuilding.

Two other organisations have managed to find funds for the rebuilding of the Bagang nunnery and the school at Tsagam and the villagers themselves have been working to rebuild their homes and businesses for some time, reusing stone from the collapsed buildings.


However, the school at Bagang has no funds. Students from the school have been studying in tents for a year now and are starting to get disheartened by the situation. The number attending classes has already dropped significantly. Before the earthquakes struck, 72 local children were studying at Bagang school. Now, there are just 28. Encouraging these 44 children to go back to school is vital for their future.

With the psychological scars of the earthquakes still healing, parents are concerned about the safety of sending their children to study in tents or makeshift buildings.

With your help we can bring some hope to Bagang

We plan to work with local partners to reconstruct Bagang school using local materials and earthquake resistant techniques – providing a safe, warm place for the children to complete their studies. The plan is to work with local partners to rebuild the school using local materials to keep the costs down. However, given its remote location and the difficulty of transporting machinery and labour, this is still a huge project which will cost a lot of money. Some funding has been secured already but we need to raise a further £27,000 to cover the full cost of the rebuild.

Our appeal to raise these funds has started, please help if you can.


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