Thank you! We’ve reached over £22,000 for the health post in Bakhang village, Nepal

We’re so pleased to tell you that the target of £22,592 for the health post in Bakhang village, Nepal, has been reached and the building is nearly complete!

The community will soon have direct access to life-saving healthcare for the first time. Before, people would have to make an arduous journey on foot or be carried on someone’s back to get even basic medical care during the winter and monsoon seasons.

The community have been working hard, using their new building skills to create an earthquake-resistant, environmentally friendly structure. The lockdown in Nepal has slowed progress, but thanks to the hard work of local people employing careful social distancing measures, building has continued slowly and steadily. Once up and running, the health post will be staffed by a doctor and nurse-midwife, funded by the local government.

The funds needed came from individual gifts, including one very generous gift of £12,000, and a donation from the Calpe Trust. Thank you to all of you who gave to our spring appeal, and everyone else who has helped make this happen.

Stay informed!

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