Tenzin S – Karnataka, India

Karnataka, India

Tenzin S – 2006
Karnataka, India

Tenzin S is 14 years old and lives within a densely populated Tibetan settlement in Karnataka, India. He lives there with his loving parents and grandmother. In class, Tenzin is known as the class clown who loves making his friends laugh. He is however a very good student and sportsman, who excels in Tibetan language classes and football. Tenzin would like to be an accountant when he is older. Like many Tibetans, Tenzin’s father is a farmer who uses his plot of land to grow maize, but due to unpredictable weather, his harvests are often sporadic, garnering only a small income to support his family with. Please sponsor Tenzin S and ensure this capable young man has all the opportunities every child deserves.

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