Tenzin C – Karnataka, India

Tenzin C – 2004
Karnataka, India

Tenzin C is 17 years old. She is from a Tibetan settlement in Tanahun, Nepal, but now lives in Karnataka, India with her aunt, mother and a younger sister. Tenzin is a kind and hardworking girl who enjoys reading novels in both English and Tibetan. Tenzin would like to go to college to study physiology when she completes school. Very sadly, Tenzin’s father passed away from hepatitis, leaving Tenzin’s mother to care for her children and disabled sister. On top of being the only caregiver to the family, Tenzin’s mother works hard selling sweaters, town to town, in the hope of being able to support her eldest daughter through school. Please sponsor Tenzin C today and give her a life with real choices.

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