SPRING CLEAN APPEAL: Help us create a clean and healthy environment for Tibetan refugees


Tibet Relief Fund has supported the Tibetan settlement of Dekyiling in northern India for many years: helping with the original purchase of land, sending grants to help elders with monthly stipends, purchasing a rubbish collection truck, and selling handicrafts made by Dekyiling Handicraft Centre.

We are now seeking funding for a new project to clean up Dekyiling and its surroundings. There is a growing problem with waste being dumped in and around the settlement. Piles of rubbish are polluting the groundwater and making the local environment ugly and unhygienic. There is a real threat of rats, which would bring dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis. Children in the area are especially vulnerable as they can end up playing in the rubbish-infested areas.

We need your support to clean up Dekyiling and its surroundings today. The manager of Dekyiling Handicraft Centre, Kesang Wangdu, has a solution which you can help put into action.

We want to hire local people to collect the waste each week with our garbage truck. Much of the waste can be sold to local Indian enterprises for recycling so everyone will benefit – the centre, the new employees and the wider community.

Once this has got off the ground, we will ask families living in Dekyiling for a small monthly contribution and the money raised from selling materials will also be fed back in, making the project self-sustainable.

Your donation will be used where it is needed most and will enable us to support this and other urgent projects that bring practical help to Tibetans inside Tibet and in India and Nepal.

Stay informed!

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