Rogpa Women’s Craft Centre

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Tibet Relief Fund began supporting the Rogpa Women’s Craft Centre in 2011 with the introduction of the charming hand-embroidered mini cushions, as seen in our 2012/2013 catalogue.

Established in 2004, Rogpa means “trusted friends and helpers” and we are delighted to be able to support this inspiring project which continually strives to preserve Tibetan culture, integrity and independence for generations to come through three key projects;

Womens Craft Centre (WCC)
The WCC is focused on providing economic empowerment for low-income Tibetan women who have few opportunities of education and employment, by helping them to develop tailoring and sewing skills. At the WCC ladies receive fair wages, good working conditions and free childcare as well as social support from each other.

Rogpa Baby Care Centre (BCC)
Currently caring for more than 40 babies under the age of 3, BCC takes care of children during working hours, enabling parents to work full-time so that they can improve their own living conditions.

Rogpa shop & café
A not for profit community space which aims to promote ethical consumerism and showcase the work of local Tibetan artists and designers. Rogpa shop & café stocks products made in the Women’s Craft Centre and accepts donated clothes which are then sold on – and can even be used as material to make some Rogpa products.


With Rogpa made goods available in our merchandise catalogue Tibet Relief Fund followers are able to support this fantastic project directly. And, following a recent visit to the Rogpa workshop by Tibet Relief Fund CEO Philippa Carrick, we are pleased to announce that our catalogue will feature even more Rogpa products, all in support of Rogpa’s fantastic and innovative projects.

Check out our online shop to support Rogpa

The Walnut Story
The Walnut Story
Whilst visiting Rogpa our CEO Philippa learned that after walnuts are used to make walnut cake in the Rogpa cafe the shells are collected and passed on to the Womens Craft Centre who use the shells to make the mini walnut cushions.


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