Project update: Let classes commence in Bakhang!

“When we first came to Bakhang the village was completely destroyed and the families there had a strong feeling of hopelessness. Now the school is completed and there is a lot of new energy and hope for the future!”Build up Nepal

Opening celebrations in front of the new buildings.

After a long wait through a cold winter, classes have begun again in Bakhang’s new school!

The building was officially completed in late December and inaugurated on an auspicious day in January.

The whole village turned out for the opening with the school children being given pride of place amongst the spectators.

It has taken 12 months and a lot of community effort, but the children of Bakhang finally have an earthquake resistant school to call their own – and they couldn’t be more pleased!

This has been a huge project for us so an enormous thank you to all of you who have generously supported it.

Stay informed!

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