Pema and Kelsang begin their final year at nursing college

It is the end of their summer vacation for the two student nurses, Pema and Kelsang, who Tibet Relief Fund is supporting through nursing college in Delhi. Both girls are from Nepal so have been enjoying their annual visit home. We have just received the update shown below to say they are back in Delhi and looking forward to their final year at college!

Tashi Delek !

How are you and everyone? Kelsang and I are fine and have returned back refreshed after the long summer vacation. Our families are also in good health.

In Nepal, its rainy everyday and landslides occur so, we had some problem during our journey but we reached here safely.

In this vacation, we did pilgrimage, visited new places and spend quality time with our family and friends. It was great to be back in Nepal after a year. This time, Kelsang came to Kathmandu for pilgrimage but I couldn’t meet her since I was working as a volunteer teacher in Atisha school. It was a flashback feeling to come again in my own childhood school and interact with the young students.

Our final year commences soon. Both of us are going to do night and evening shifts at hospital. We are looking forward to work harder and smarter to become good nurses. 🌻

Pema and Kelsang 😊


Stay informed!

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