Painting the Plateau exhibition

Tibetan regional dress by Anne Jennings Brown

Saturday 8th July & Sunday 9th July

FREE ENTRY – Tibet Relief Fund offices, 2 Baltic Place, London N1 5AQ

Tibet Relief Fund is delighted to present a unique exhibition celebrating the regional dress of Tibet through a collection of vibrant and intricately detailed portraits and studies.

All the works on display were created by Anne Jennings Brown during her time living and teaching within the Tibetan exile community in Dharamsala (northern India) from 1982-83.

Her collection is a wonderful resource that focuses on the people into whose community she was welcomed, and for whom she channelled her artistic skills into recording and preserving this part of their material culture.

Since much of Tibet’s rich and varied cultural heritage has been destroyed under Chinese occupation, Painting the Plateau presents a rare opportunity to learn more about Tibet’s geography, history, and society, while enjoying this charming and distinctive collection.

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