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We are very happy to be able to share our new catalogue with you. We have new greeting cards, more items from the brilliant Rogpa community, Clean Upper Dharamasala Project, Dolls4Tibet, Dekyling Handcraft Centre and others. You can read about many of these projects in Issue 16 of Tibet Matters, here.

We had previously showed off the Monk danglies (now available to buy) and now we can show you some more of our new items and our new selection of cards all available buy on our shop at enlightenedgifts.org

Squashable Bag
Squashable Bag – From £10
Cushion Covers
Cushion Covers – £8.50
Ganden Monastery
Ganden Monastery Greeting Cards – £3.50
Greeting Cards - Tibetan Woodcarving
Greeting Cards – Tibetan Woodcarving – £3.50
Greeting cards - Mani Stones
Greeting cards – Mani Stones – £3.50
Greeting Cards - Shaman Festival
Greeting Cards – Shaman Festival – £3.50
Lotus Incense Holder
Lotus Incense Holder – £4.50
Paper Lampshade
Paper Lampshade – £4.25
Rogpa Card Holder
Rogpa Card Holder – £4.75

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