Our work in Tibet

  • Conditions in remote areas of Tibet are some of the most basic in the world
  • Education in remote areas is minimal and many Tibetan children have to go to Chinese schools as local Tibetan schools are forced to close
  • Working inside Tibet is very difficult due to close scrutiny and monitoring by Chinese authorities
  • Those trying to carry out work may be harassed, refused permits, or have trouble getting funds into the country legally
  • We work with small local grassroots organisations which “fly under the radar” of local authorities

Our limited work in Tibet focuses on healthcare and economic empowerment.

Saving the lives of mothers and babies in Tibet

Along with our project partner (unnamed for security reasons) we work to reduce the deaths of mothers and babies during childbirth in Tibet. The death rate in childbirth for Tibetan mothers is eight times higher than in neighbouring China. In the region we work in, four in nine births were leading to the death of mother or baby. The remote regions that nomadic families tend to live in have very few medical facilities. For most of these communities an expectant mother’s journey to the nearest hospital takes, on average, ten hours – if transport is available at all. When there are complications during labour, many mothers do not survive the journey.

This project provides a lifeline for nomadic and semi-nomadic mothers in eastern Tibet. Together with our project partner we provide health services and training to save the lives of mothers and babies, and we have worked with them for over a decade to help this happen. The survival rate in the communities they work with is now close to 100%.

A special thanks to Gary Heads and Mindfulness UK for their tireless fundraising for this project.

Birth attendant training

Birthing book

Maternity clinic – Completed 2014

Ambulance – Completed 2020

Completed projects

Social enterprise loans in Tibet – Completed 2016

Tailoring training in Rega village – Completed 2017

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