Our work in Nepal

  • Approximately 10,000 Tibetan refugees in Nepal
  • Tibetans in Nepal have no legal status as refugees
  • They can’t work officially, open a bank account or start a business
  • Most Tibetans make a meagre living illegally by weaving carpets, spinning wool or selling small handicrafts and jewellery

Our work in Nepal focuses on education, skills training and the elderly. We have also been working to rebuild Bakhang village after the 2015 earthquakes in a more environmentally sustainable way.


Bakhang village and its surroundings are home to approximately 2,000 ethnic Tibetans. Located in Sindhupalchok, a mountainous area of Nepal on the border with Tibet, the village is so remote that it isn’t marked on Google Maps. During the rainy season it is a six hour walk from the nearest road, as the road up to the village gets washed away.

Tibet Relief Fund has worked with the village since 2008, supporting the local school. The village was badly affected by the devastating earthquakes of 2015 and in the following years we worked to rebuild the primary school and 14 houses for the most vulnerable families. We are in the final stages of building a new health post.

Bakhang school: teachers & nutrition

Bakhang: A new health post

Houses for vulnerable families

Bakhang school rebuild – Completed 2017

Lodrik Welfare Fund

Lodrik Welfare Fund was set up in the 1970s to look after Tibetan ex-freedom fighters and their families. The former guerillas are now elderly and unable to work; many never married so don’t have families to help them in their old age. Most live in Jampaling and Paljorling settlements near Pokhara, but some live in Kathmandu and India.

Tibet Relief Fund has worked with Lodrik for many years to provide essential care for elderly Tibetans, emergency medical treatment and skills training for young Tibetans.

Care for elderly Tibetans

Emergency medical fund

Skills training for young Tibetans

Nangchen elderly refugees


Emergency food & rent relief – Completed 2021

Nangchen water filter – Completed 2017

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