Ngoenga School

Ngoenga School was created after His Holiness the Dalai Lama expressed concern that the Tibetan government-in-exile should help children with disabilities and their families.

Based on an isolated site outside the northern Indian city of Dehra Dun, the school has around 50 pupils aged 5-18 years from settlements throughout India and Nepal.

The School is residential, and supports a wide range of disabilities, including hearing and visual difficulties, physical disabilities, autism, speech problems, learning difficulties, as well as emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Tibet Relief Fund has been helping Ngoenga School since 2002, supporting the purchase of toys and play materials for the children and the building of a new toilet and washroom block. We are currently looking to support the training of a speech therapist who will work at the school on completion of a diploma course.

When the school was established there were no Tibetans who had experience in working with disabled children; staff continue to struggle with lack of training and scarce resources. Despite this, Ngoenga School is making a major contribution to the lives of its children through the efforts of its dedicated staff. It is in serious need of financial help in order to assist in the running costs for pupils and to provide basic equipment which it currently lacks.

Ngoenga School

Location: Dehradun District, Uttaranchal Pradesh, India. Established: 2000
Staff: 30 including house parents, teaching staff and physiotherapist.
Students: 50
Ages: 6-22 years old

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