Nepal field visit: Meeting with Snow Lion Foundation

Our Programmes Manager, Thupten, had a successful trip to Nepal last month where he visited the Snow Lion Foundation in Kathmandu and met with their sponsorship team. Thupten spoke with sponsored students before attending a communal lunch at the Nangchen old people home where Tibet Relief Fund supports running costs, an emergency medical fund and the supply of safe drinking water.

The Snow Lion Foundation was established in 1972 in Kathmandu to look after the health, education and social welfare of Tibetan refugees in Nepal and strives to preserve traditional Tibetan culture, language and religion. The Foundation follows the policies of the Tibetan government in exile’s Department of Education in India and manages 12 schools in Nepal.

Today, there are 50 children and elders at the Snow Lion Foundation who benefit from Tibet Relief Fund’s sponsorship and silent sponsorship programmes.

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