Nepal Earthquake: Pema Dolkar was lucky, many haven’t been


Pema Dolkar was a classmate of Tsering Passang, our sponsorship co-ordinator, and through her family she has given us a first hand account of her experience of the earthquake:

“Tashi Delek,

On behalf of Pema Dolkar, I would like to thank everyone out there who sent their prayers and love for her and our family.

Today, we received call from Pema and spoke to her about the harrowing ordeal during the devastating earthquake in Nepal on 25th of April. Pema was in her way up to Lapchi on Pilgrim trek with her cousin and friends and midway from the destination when the mountain shook. Pemaand her group hid under a cave while every rock and boulders were tumbling around them. There was river flowing under them however they were lucky to have been able to run to safety once the earthquake settled a bit. They spent the night in the mountains and woke up the next morning and raced up to Lapchi village for the next three and half hours while there were landslide all around them. They made it finally to Lapchi on Monday only to be struck by another big earthquake.

Since then, they took refuge in the village and we’re finally rescued today and brought to Kathmandu safely.

We are very grateful to Major Birendra Jyoti Thapa, Dawa T. Tsering -Lapchi Association in Nepal and porter Ang Tenzin Norgay for keeping our hope alive.

Pema has finally made it home to her parents on 02.05.2015 and still in shock. Friends and relatives are requested to take your time to speak with her for the time being.

Please donate, help and spread the word around that there are thousands of Pema’s out there in remote villages of Nepal who need rescue helicopters, food, water, shelter and medicine.

Thank you,
Brothers: Penpa, Dorjee & Andy Nawang
Sister: Thinley
Sister in law: Nawang Choden”

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