Mrs Namgyal Dolma is receiving support through the Kesang Wangdu Memorial Fund, funded by your donations.

Today we want to tell you about retired handicraft worker and refugee Namgyal. She is receiving support through the Kesang Wangdu Memorial Fund, funded by your donations.

Mrs Namgyal Dolma escaped her native village of Lhodrak Benpa in southern Tibet in 1959 after the Chinese occupation. She left behind her parents, two younger sisters and four younger brothers who were unable to take the treacherous journey across the Himalayas. She reached Bhutan and initially was destitute, having to rely on locals‘ kindness for her survival. Eventually she started working for a local family. A few years later she met her husband, Mr Choephel, and moved to Thimpu (the capital of Bhutan).

In 1982, due to political problems in Bhutan, the couple, along with many other Tibetan refugees, had to escape again and were resettled in Dekyiling settlement near Dehradun. Interestingly, Tibet Relief Fund helped the Central Tibetan Administration to purchase the land for the settlement!

Mr Choephel started working as a labourer and Namgyal worked as a handloom weaver at the Handicraft Centre. They had one son, who very sadly passed away due to illness.

Now 84, Namgyal is unable to work. Her husband is paralyzed and cannot work either. She faces a lot of challenges and hardship as she has to care for her husband and has no extended family to help. The stipend is her only source of income and she depends on it to provide their basic necessities and medication for her husband.

Thank you for helping Namgyal and Mr Choephel enjoy some comfort and security after such a hard life. You can directly support elders like them with a monthly gift of £3 at www.tibetrelieffund.co.uk/HopeGivers

The Kesang Wangdu Memorial Fund was setup after the passing of Kesang Wangdy, a long serving member of the Dekyling Handicraft team. He was passionate about trying to help retired handicraft workers who had no family and required support. This fund provides a stipend to two retired workers in most need.

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