Mr Kyipu – Pokhara, Nepal

Mr Kyipu – 1942
Pokhara, Nepal

Mr Kyipu was born in Tibet in 1942, and like many others, settled in Nepal after fleeing his homeland to avoid persecution. When he first arrived in Mustang, India, he joined the Tibetan guerilla movement, which he continued to serve until the group disbanded. He then moved to a Tibetan settlement in Pokhara and worked as a carpet weaver, alongside his first wife. Unfortunately, Mr Kyipu’s first wife has since passed away. He did remarry, but had no children, so Mr Kyipu now finds himself alone. Mr Kyipu now works as a noodle maker, but given his years, would now like to retire. Please sponsor Mr Kyipu today so he may enjoy his elderly years in peace.

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