Making Momos with Alex Lobsang

We teamed up with airbnb and Alex Lobsang to offer a social impact experience, the experience of making momos!

We were thrilled to be able to host the event at the beautiful Clementi House, Notting Hill. We’d like to thank Tom Stacey for letting us in to his home for the afternoon. Our teacher was chef Alex Lobsang, who told us about his family and the experience of growing up making momos. Making momos is very much a team effort, and he made sure we were all put to work, chopping and rolling. Of course the hard bit is actually constructing the momo, fortunately Alex and his sister Caroline were on hand to effortlessly show us how it’s done. After we had all mastered making momos it was time to steam and enjoy the fruits of our labour, and it tasted good.

Thanks again to Tom, Alex, Caroline, Grace – and of course those that came – for making the day a success, and thanks to Tibet Relief Fund’s Caroline and Sam for making it happen.

Guest Kharissa had this to say:

"It was really interesting to spend the afternoon with various people that were so passionate about the issues surrounding Tibet and the people in exile still to this day. We learnt how to make momos from a charming brother and sister duo who, with the aid of their Tibetan father, had grown up with Tibetan food as a staple. It was a good laugh trying to imitate their practiced hand at shaping our little dumplings. Nevertheless, was a beautiful afternoon outside in the garden of Clementi House eating DELICIOUS home made momos and sipping prosecco. Highly recommend supporting this cause in exchange for a unique culinary experience and fascinating conversation!"

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