Losar: Have you ever wondered how Tibetans celebrate Losar?

Losar, the Tibetan New Year, is a time of great joy and festivity for Tibetans. Our bookkeeper, Jampa Gyaltsen, tells us how he and his family celebrate Losar…

Jampa and his family

“We start getting ready for Losar a month before. Houses are cleaned thoroughly and new clothes are made for the family to wear during the festival. When Losar arrives, the three-day festival is celebrated by Tibetans worldwide with prayers, hanging prayer flags and friends and family reunions.

On the first day of Losar, families visit the local monastery to offer prayers and attend sermons. We wish each other prosperity for the year ahead. Delicious Tibetan foods such as Dresil, Kabsay and Momo, different varieties of meat, butter tea and other dishes are served to guests and families over the three days. In the evening we celebrate witha traditional Tibetan circle dance and drink lots of Chang (barley wine)!”

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