How to be a fundraiser on Facebook

Facebook now gives you the opportunity to raise money for charity. No need to share a link to a JustGiving page, no new website for you or your friends to have to sign up to. Instead all can be done in a couple of clicks through the fundraising pages. And 100% of the donations come straight to us – no fees are taken. This is great news for charities and also for people on Facebook wishing to raise money for their favourite charity.

Fundraising ideas:

  • Birthday fundraiser – donate your birthday to Tibet Relief Fund and ask for donations instead of presents
  • Sponsored challenge – do something unusual to raise money
  • Host an event and “sell” tickets via donations made to your fundraising page
  • For no reason other than to introduce your network of friends to a good cause

How to set up your fundraising page for Tibet Relief Fund

First step is to have a profile set up on Facebook and go to our Facebook fundraising page.

Then simply click the blue “+ Raise Money” on the right hand side, and follow the easy step by step process.

1. Join our other facebook fundraisers

2. Yes. Get started

3. Put how much you want to raise and when the fundraising will finish (and of course that Tibet Relief Fund is your selected charity)

4. Let your friends know why you are raising money

5. Select a nice image to use as your “header” image and press the create button

Good luck with setting up your page, and if you do, thank you very much!

Stay informed!

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