Good news from Bakhang school!

Training underway

The brick making machine has been installed, training has been completed and the foundations have been set!

On 15 February, our project partners made the eight hour journey from Kathmandu to Bakhang to install the brick making machine and begin training.

The first task was to install the machine on the foundation base the villagers had set up specially for it. Then came a three day training course to teach seven villagers all the steps needed to produce good mud bricks. This included how to test the soil, how to calculate the right mix of soil/cement/sand, how to use the machine and how to cure and store the bricks…a lot to take in!

The villagers were all very enthusiastic about the technology and quickly learnt how to use it. These seven people will take charge of the brick production itself whilst others help gather materials and complete the actual construction once the bricks are ready.

The foundations for the school have been measured out and work has already begun on digging the holes which will hold the supporting concrete pillars. The villagers are very happy and can’t wait to get their new school up and running.

We will keep you posted with news as work progresses!

Stay informed!

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