Empowering the Vision

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Empowering the Vision (ENVISION) has been going for five years. The vision is clear:

To have a fully self-reliant and dynamic Tibetan community.

The mission:

To empower young Tibetans to become fully engaged members of the global community.

A key part of the project’s work is providing soft skills training and careers advice in schools. Although many Tibetans receive a high standard of education in exile, careers advice is often lacking. Many students are unaware of the variety of options open to them or what skills are valued in the workplace.

Empowering the Vision’s website www.empoweringvision.org also provides a huge amount of information and materials for young Tibetans and has become a vibrant and valuable resource.

“Tibet Relief Fund’s Empowering the Vision Project aims to help young Tibetans help themselves and by doing so, not only give them a bright future, but also support the Tibetan community in exile and provide valuable skills to take back to Tibet. It is a huge undertaking but with your generosity we can ensure more young Tibetans achieve their full potential!” – Youdon Aukatsang, Director of ENVISION.

Read about Kalden Aukatsang, a beneficiary of this scheme.

Make my donation with PayPal and help give youth a chance

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Inaugral Global Vision conference
Inaugral Global Vision conference

“Best week of my life – I will never forget how I felt.”

“Thank you for establishing such a great and inspirational institution, and thank you for helping us to know better our own self.”

“Your organisation is doing a great job to empower the Tibetan youth and it really helped me a lot.”

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