Emergency Appeal: food packages needed in Nepal

We know that being in lockdown is a challenge, but can you imagine just how tough life is right now for vulnerable Tibetans living in Nepal?

Nepal went into lockdown at the same time as the UK, and since then casual workers and those working in hospitality and tourism have been unable to earn any money. These people have no official papers, so can’t apply for local government food relief, and any savings they had ran out long ago. Many have now run out of food, too.

Tibetans like Ngawang Tsela urgently need your support if they are to survive this health crisis – and a gift of £10 can provide an emergency food package that will last someone a whole month.

Ngawang Tsela had seasonal work in Kathmandu until the coronavirus put an end to tourism. Now he can’t feed his wife and child. Just £10 from you can give someone like Ngawang Tsela four weeks’ worth of rice, atta, red and black dal, salt, sugar, cooking oil and tea – or a gift of £30 could feed the whole family for a month.

Ngawang Tsela is one of nearly 800 vulnerable Tibetans living in Nepal that we have identified as being most in need of support. We’re really hoping you’ll play your part in helping us reach every single one of them.

Of course, we realise that this is a tough time financially for a lot of people here in the UK. But if you are able to help, please do. And please send that help as soon as possible, because time is running out for Ngawang Tsela and hundreds like him.

Remember, just £10 can provide enough rice, atta, red and black dal, salt, sugar, cooking oil and tea to last a vulnerable Tibetan for a whole month. Please donate what you can today.

Stay informed!

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