Tibet Matters: Colouring Culture

We are delighted to be able to share a selection of photographs from the Tibetan schools we work with in India, where children have been enjoying their copies of our new colouring book The Fabric of Tibet.

Tibet Relief Fund is committed to preserving and promoting Tibet’s wonderful variety of cultural heritage. As part of this work we ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to publish our first book, The Fabric of Tibet, featuring a wonderful collection of paintings, drawings and research by British artist Anne Jennings Brown that records Tibet’s history of dress.

We had a brilliant response from supporters all over the world and were thrilled to raise more than double our target amount!

Thanks to your generosity we were also able to publish the colouring book, adapted from The Fabric of Tibet and featuring 20 beautiful illustrations of Tibetan people from around the country wearing regional dress for children to colour in. Next to the illustrations are simple descriptions in Tibetan and English explaining the details of each picture.

We hope that the book will help Tibetan and non-Tibetan speaking children learn more about Tibet’s rich culture at an early age and we are so pleased to see the children already making the books their own.

We are continuing to distribute the colouring book to Tibetan children in India, Nepal and the UK. You can buy and donate a copy via our online shop.

These photos were taken at the Sambhota Tibetan Schools in Manali and Arlikumari.

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