Change a Life, Shape a Future: Sponsor a Tibetan Child’s Education

Many Tibetan families struggle to provide their children with a quality education, especially in remote areas. Boarding schools become their haven, offering vital education and care.

Your monthly sponsorship is a lifeline. It ensures your sponsored child receives:

  • a loving home away from home
  • a safe and supportive environment where they can thrive
  • dedicated teaching staff
  • classroom resources they need
  • a culturally rich Tibetan education
  • health security
  • accommodation
  • recreational facilities, and more

Sponsorship costs just £30 a month and helps to pay for food, water, education and healthcare.

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Tibet Relief Fund also offers a silent sponsorship option that starts from as little as £5 a month. Silent Sponsorship differs to a sponsorship of a specific child, elder or monk. Instead, it provides essential and vital funding to a school, a monastic school in Nepal or a care home in India. You can read more here

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