Case study: Kalsang Tsering (sponsor found)

Tibetan Kalsang Tsering

At 53, Kalsang may seem a little young to be living in an old people’s home but the story behind his ending up there is particularly touching.

Kalsang was born with both mental and physical difficulties and could not attend regular schooling. As he grew older he was admitted on to a vocation training course where he was taught tailoring and over the years he learnt do a little stitching but was not well enough to live without help. When he met Lhakpa Dolma, a physically challenged Tibetan lady, they lived together happily until Kalsang’s health deteriorated and he became half paralysed. It then became impossible for Kalsang and Lhakpa to live by themselves so they were admitted, together, to the old age home in Musoorie. They can now live together and get the care they need. Unfortunately there are many others in the home and so it is essential for Kalsang to receive sponsorship to cover the cost of his food, clothing and medicines. Most importantly, sponsorship will also give him the knowledge that someone cares about him and his situation on the evening of his life.

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2nd September 2013 update: We are thrilled to be able to report that Kalsang now has a sponsor. This is just one case study of many that we have. If you are interested in sponsoring a Tibetan then please do contact Tsering. Thanks.

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