Autumn Appeal: Will you show a lost community of Tibetan elders they haven’t been forgotten?

In the foothills of the Himalaya, hidden between a busy National Highway and a river that is prone to flooding, is Pandhra Mile. Its 53 residents – mostly first-generation Tibetan refugees – have never had proper access to electricity or medicines. Nor have they ever had a safe, reliable supply of clean water.

This community urgently needs your help. Pandhra Mile is no place for a Tibetan elder to live. Fumes from the busy road choke the settlement and many of the homes are ramshackle, wooden affairs, in danger of collapse. Added to this, the solitary hand pump doesn’t provide enough water for all the residents and there are just two toilets between 53 people.

With Pandhra Mile’s flood protection wall in a terrible state of repair, Dorjee is living with the daily fear her home will be washed away if the river becomes too swollen by the monsoon rains that are currently falling. And, ironically, Choden was one of the first settlers who helped to build the road that now threatens to destroy his home.

To think of elders like 83-year-old Dorjee and 71-year-old Choden living in these terrible conditions is painful, but you can do something to help.

Your donation could help them with urgent measures like shoring up the flood wall, and in the longer term with sanitation, medicine and reliable clean water.

It’s clear the Pandhra Mile community needs to be found a new location, where they can live in safety. But we don’t know how long this will take, or if it is possible. In the meantime, the elders of Pandhra Mile remain in danger.

A gift of £18 could help the elders of Pandhra Mile feel secure for the first time since fleeing Tibet so many years ago. Please give whatever you can afford without delay.

We made a promise to stand by the people of Tibet – to make sure the world would never forget what had happened, and to support them in their time of dire need. Sixty years on, will you help us continue to keep our promise?

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