Appeal: Please help us feed the ‘invisible’ Tibetans struggling to survive in Delhi

Will you help our Community Kitchen feed Delhi’s ‘invisible’ Tibetans?

A recent lockdown survey of the Tibetan community in Delhi has revealed a group of 100 unknown Tibetans struggling to survive on the margins of society.

Kalsang is one of them. He’s a recovering addict who has been sober for the past few years, and is now fighting to make a better life for himself. But it’s hard. Kalsang has no education, he’s not part of Indian society, and the day work he used to do disappeared when lockdown arrived. Now, three months later, food and water are scarce.

Despite all the hardships, and the squalid building he lives in, Kalsang keeps his tiny room spotlessly clean and tidy. In his own words, this proud and upbeat man is, “Hoping for a change. Dreaming of being included.”

Today you can make Tibetans like Kalsang feel included, and give them hope that life can be better, by supporting our new Community Kitchen in Delhi.

The local welfare office has already agreed to let us use their kitchen facilities, and we’ve covered the cost of wages for five unemployed Tibetans – three cooks and two delivery drivers. All we need from you is a little help with the shopping.

We’re aiming to raise £4,000 to buy enough supplies to provide 100 Tibetans with two hot meals a day for two months. That works out at 33p per meal. So a gift of £9.90 from you could provide 30 tasty, nutritious meals such as spinach garlic noodles, chilli potatoes and egg curry.

The past three months have given us all a taste of how it feels to be isolated and alone, unsure what will happen from one day to the next. Sadly, this is how life has been for Delhi’s ‘invisible’ Tibetans for years. Now that we have found these people, will you help us make them feel included, and give them hope that there is a better life ahead?

Stay informed!

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