Appeal: Help children like Tenzin survive the winter

Excluded from society. Struggling in poverty. Vulnerable to Covid-19. Tenzin Namdol needs your help.

The continuing spread of Covid-19 has put the lives of Tibetan children with disabilities in grave danger. Children like Tenzin, whose family have very little money and are struggling to make ends meet.

Tenzin has Down Syndrome and hyperthyroidism. Earlier this year he became very sick with diarrhoea for a month, but his parents were too scared to take him to hospital, knowing he would be exposed to the virus on the way there. They couldn’t afford the treatment either. So they could only wait and pray their son got better.

These barriers to treatment could have cost Tenzin Namdol his life. But you can help to remove them, and ensure vulnerable children like him can stay protected in their own homes, or are able to access vital treatment safely if they need to. Please donate today to our Covid-19 response programme and help Tibetan children with disabilities stay safe this winter.

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