Appeal for hot water for the children at Tibetan Homes Foundation

Tibetan Homes Foundation is one of the major child care and education establishments in the Tibetan community in India.

Whilst the home is well established to provide housing and education for the children under its care, there remain a number of areas of pressing need. One of these is something many of us take for granted: the regular supply of hot water. At present, there are no hot water systems in the family homes.

From November to February, children living at the Homes Foundation campus in Mussoorie face bitter winters with heavy snowfalls and temperatures that frequently fall below zero. To live without access to hot water makes life even more forbidding. And moreover the health implications are serious; many of the children already suffer from recurring stomach problems amongst other ailments.

With winter fast approaching, we are urgently asking for your help to ensure this year is different. With your help we have the opportunity to help fund the installation of solar panel heaters at Tibetan Home’s Mussoorie campus.

The children of Tibetan Homes Foundation are set to face the harsh winter months with no hot water and we need your help today.

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Your generosity today can help these children through the winter months for years to come. Your donation will be used where it is needed most and will enable us to support this and other urgent projects that bring sustainable and practical help to Tibetans in India, Tibet and Nepal. Thank you.

UPDATE: https://tibetrelieffund.co.uk/hot-water-for-children-at-tibetan-home-foundations/

£15 can buy pipes and fittings to supply hot water to the children’s ‘family’ homes
£30 can help buy water tanks and stands
£60 can go towards buying the solar water heaters needed to heat water for all the children living at Tibetan Homes Foundation

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