Annual Review: Vital funding for Hepatitis B training and awareness programme

Grant amount: £10,900

Hepatitis B is a huge problem in Tibetan settlements. Along with tuberculosis, it is one of the most common causes of death among exiled Tibetans. The Department of Health are trying to tackle the problem by a Hepatitis B Training and Awareness project.

The project will educate the refugee Tibetan population about prevention and treatment of hepatitis B in order to reduce transmission and the number of people who die from it each year. The ultimate aim of the project is to create a hepatitis-free refugee community!

We are pleased to say that we have been able to fund the training and awareness project in its entirety and it is now well under way.

Health training
A two-day workshop was held in March for 65 Tibetan doctors, nurses and health workers from settlements across India. The workshop covered various topics such as how to recognise early symptons; how to manage and treat infection; how to prevent the disease spreading; and the overall scenario of hepatitis B in the Tibetan community. Participants at the workshop were also instructed on measures to take to help prevent and control the disease once they returned to their settlements.

Health worker Dawa Choedon was very glad of the opportunity to attend the workshop. “When I meet and interact with hepatitis B patients, they have lots of confusion about tests and treatment. Now I can be useful to them to clarify their confusions about hepatitis B.


Campaigns to educate people about hepatitis B are being run throughout all Tibetan settlements in India at community centres, schools and monasteries. Printed leaflets and videos will be made available to the adults and in schools, learning about hepatitis through interactive quizzes, essay competitions and videos.

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