Annual Review: Rabgyling settlement drought relief grant

Grant amount: £6,029

In 2014 we ran an appeal to raise relief money for Phuntsokling settlement which had been hit by a cyclone earlier in the year. However, whilst we were busy raising funds, so were lots of other people and thankfully the cyclone relief target was met quicker than expected! The Department of Home suggested that we could use the money we had raised to help provide relief for the 200 farmers of Rabgyling settlement whose crops were devastated by a major drought during the spring.

An unseasonal lack of rainfall in the area had caused crop failure in 70% of the settlement’s crops; of 1055 cultivated acres, around 790 acres were badly damaged.

“Due to the late monsoon, the crops have been damaged and yield minimal, leading to farmers’ distress and income drop. Since, agriculture is one of the main sources of income and the settlers’ livelihood is affected with the poor yield.” – Report from Department of Home

A grant has been provided to each farmer, per acre, based on the amount of crop damage they have sustained. A total of £6,029 has been distributed so far which has allowed the Department of Home to provide grants to cover the cost of seeds, fertilisers and, in some places, new tractors to re-work the scorched land. All of this is helping to get the farmers back on their feet. We are happy to report that this year’s crop is already thriving and residents’ food and livelihood are much more secure than they were last year.

Left: Damaged crops in 2014, Right: New crops in 2015
Left: Damaged crops in 2014, Right: New crops in 2015

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