Annual Review: A second physiotherapist for Ngoenga school (£1,700)

Grant Amount: £1,700

Physiotherapist treating one of Ngoenga's young pupils
Physiotherapist treating one of Ngoenga’s young pupils

For the last three years Tibet Relief Fund have sent a grant to cover the salary of a second physiotherapist to work at Ngoenga School for Tibetan Children with Special Needs. The school could previously only afford to employ one physiotherapist, limiting the treatment children got and putting great strain on the physiotherapist, who was lifting and treating many children and teenagers every day.

With your help, in 2012, the school was able to employ a second physiotherapist, Phunstok Namgyal and we have been sending out grants to cover the cost of his salary ever since.

Phuntsok helps to assess, examine, treat and plan the rehabilitation of students. He is also in charge of looking after the school’s equipment such as wheelchairs, leg braces and walking aids, making sure it is safe and readily available when the children need it. On top of this, he is responsible for advising staff and visitors on how to correctly lift students to avoid injury. This is particularly useful as many staff previously found themselves with back or joint injuries as a result of inadequate training.

In some cases, students experience such high levels of pain during their treatment that it takes two strong physiotherapists to treat them. Having a second physiotherapist to help has improved this experience immensely for both students and staff.

Before Phuntsok Namgyal was employed, time with each student was very limited due to large number needing attention. Now, with his help, each student gets at least 30 minutes of individual attention and treatment per day.

This year’s grant of £1,700 has enabled both physiotherapists to work together to make life more comfortable for the children of Ngoenga. This is only possible because of the generosity of our supporters; thank you!

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