April 2021: A quick update on the situation in India

A volunteer at the Delhi Community Kitchen

We are sure you will be worried about the news of a worsening Covid-19 situation in India. We wanted to reassure you we are in regular contact with Tibetan communities and partner organisations we work with in India. Despite the adverse circumstances, our project partners are still working and communities are managing to cope through these difficult times. More than ever, the work of our partners such as Help on Hand, Tibetan Cancer Society and Tibetan Ability Centre is crucial.

In Tibetan schools children are being tested regularly. Those who test positive for Covid-19 are able to isolate within their school campus. Thankfully at the moment no one is too unwell with the virus. We have heard from Tibetan Children’s Villages that schools at Bylakuppe and Chauntra have had to close, but they plan to reopen on the 30 May. We will let you know as the situation develops, or if further schools need to close for any prolonged periods of time due to lockdown restrictions.

For sponsors who haven’t received a letter from their sponsored child in some time: we are starting to receive some letters, mostly by email, and are working with schools to obtain personal updates where possible. Our elders are doing well and the care homes are following recommended procedures to ensure their continued health and wellbeing.

The effects of the pandemic on communities in India will be felt for a long time to come. Our Community Kitchen in Delhi will help Tibetans most at risk to the consequences of lockdown restrictions. You can help this get started by donating below.

Stay informed!

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