A medical fund for Tibetan Women’s Centre

Tibetan Women’s Centre in Rajpur is one of the oldest Tibetan handicraft centres outside of Tibet, working towards socioeconomic empowerment and self-sufficiency for the Tibetans they employ. Many of the artisans live with their families at the Centre.

We have worked with Tibetan Women’s Centre for several years, and your donations have supported recent renovations to the carpet trimmers’ room and repairs to the drainage system.

This year your support helped establish a medical fund at the Centre. Previously a large number of residents were unable to access medical treatment. Thanks to you, one resident was treated for lung cancer in Delhi (through our project partner Tibetan Cancer Society) and another handicraft worker received essential postnatal treatment after the tragic loss of her baby during childbirth. Nine more residents were able to enrol with the Tibetan Medical Services offered by the Central Tibetan Administration. Thank you.

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